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We pride ourselves in the appearance and durability of the flag products we sell. We feel confident that our flagpoles will be a graceful compliment to your building and we look forward to serving you.

For many years, from Montana to the Dakotas, you will find our professionally installed flag poles from residential to institutions.

When you decide to buy or specify a flagpole for commercial or residential use it’s important that you make the right decision.

Residential poles designed for the homeowner range between 15 & 25 ft tall. 20 or 25ft flagpoles balance perfectly with a two storey house and are both lightweight and easy to install.

Commercial grade flagpoles from 25ft and above are designed with a wider butt and are well suited for location in front of office buildings, factories, sports arenas etc.

Yard arm and gaff poles are very popular along the coast in both residential and commercial settings.

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